ANTS Online (FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions:


This page is designed to give you quick answers to the most common questions we get. If you do not see the question you are looking for please use the contact us option on our website.


Agency Matters Hours of Operation:

Agency Matters is located in California, we are open from 8:30am to 4:00pm PST. Monday through Friday.


Can I add more users after signing up?

Yes, you can add users after the initial sign up by going to the ANTS Users tab and requesting a new user.


Do you give legal advice on what to do on a notice?

No, Agency Matters does not give any legal advice on any type of notice you receive or enter into ANTS. We only give input on how to use the system and track your work.


Do you offer custom programming?

Yes on the enterprise version we offer custom programming to our clients.


Does Agency Matters hold any of my Credit Card information?

No, all credit card information is input into our 3rd party credit card processing site. Agency Matters does not hold any credit card data on our servers.


Does Agency Matters sell or share their customer lists?

No we do not sales or share our client list with anyone.


Does ANTS manage notices from other countries?

Yes, at this time ANTS manages notices form Canada and Puerto Rico. We are adding new countries as we get requests from clients.


How long does it take to get ANTS setup to use?

ANTS Online takes about 5 minutes to get setup and going on the system. Adding your clients takes about 1 minute per clients. ANTS Enterprise takes about 1 hour to install and 2 to 3 hours to configure the system settings.


How long has Agency Matters been developing ANTS?

We started developing ANTS in 2007, our 1st clients was added in January 2008.


Is my data backed up?

Yes, we use a dedicated backup system provided by our secure hosting provider and employ redundant servers to make sure all data is accessible.


Is my data Secure?

Yes, we take security very serious. We use Standard SSL, Connection Verification, Database Encryption and Site/Database Monitoring provided by our secure hosting provider.


What Agencies can I track notices for?

You can track notices from all Federal, State and local tax jurisdiction. If you do not see the agency as an option you can add it.


What are the System Requirements to run ANTS?

ANTS Online: Internet Explorer (IE) 10 or higher, Windows Media Player (to access help videos).


What are the steps involved in getting setup with ANTS.

Select Register Now, our secure online setup window will open. Fill out your Company information, your Main Contact information, pick your payment options (Annual/Monthly), put in your credit card information into our 3rd party secure site (we use Bank of America). Once your account is approved we will send you a Welcome e-mail with the Account Verification and a link to help videos and the getting started guide.


What is the availability of ANTS Online.

ANTS Online is available Monday through Sunday 24 hour a day. We do bring down the system to apply updates. The down time is about 1 hour each time we update the system. We update the system on Saterdays after 5pm. We send out a notification 3 days before any update.


What software was ANTS developed on?

ANTS Online is developed in Windows Silverlight.


Who can I contact if I have privacy or Security concerns?

If you have any privacy or security concerns you can e-mail us at or contact us by phone @ (949) 415-2161.


Who uses ANTS Online?

We have all sorts of clients using ANTS online to manage their tax notices, payroll companies, CPA firms, individual employers, and consultants.


What systems do most of our clients come from?

We do not track this but what we have seen in most clients use excel or manual processes before utilizing ANTS.






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